Emory Grad Senate Roommate Matching Form

Dear New Student, Emory Grad Senate is the governing and supporting body of all eight graduate divisions and the over 5300 graduate students at Emory. The Grad Senate is comprised of an executive board and elected representatives from each graduate division. The Graduate Senate has both programming and advocacy functions including Fall and Spring Graduate School Mixers at the Miller-Ward Allumni house, monthly "Late Nights" at local bars and clubs, the "Safe Rides" program (get one $20 cab ride reimbursed each semester). We also fund social and academic activities benefitting Emory's Graduate Community. You will hear from us early in the Fall about upcoming and exciting events! This year, we would like to continue our efforts to unite the greater Emory Grad Student community starting at the very beginning of the Emory Graduate Student experience. While we cannot provide a roommate matching service, we would like to provide incoming grad students a forum through which they might match themselves to peers in other fields of study. If you desire to participate in the roommate matching forum, please fill out the below form as honestly and compeletely as possible. In about two weeks, you will recieve an email that will include each participant's information. Please e-mail EmoryGradSenate@gmail.com with any questions. We look forward to you joining the Emory Community, Emory Grad Senate
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