Jade Ribbon Youth Council Application

JRYC BACKGROUND The Jade Ribbon Youth Council was created to empower high school students with the ability to make a positive impact upon the health of their peers as well as their communities. By bringing together dedicated student leaders and activists, the Asian Liver Center’s Jade Ribbon Youth Council seeks to improve the health of their communities. Youth Council members will be selected based on leadership ability, potential for service, and enthusiasm in supporting the Jade Ribbon Campaign. While students are expected to create their own projects proactively, supportive mentorship will also be provided as a stepping stone for more independent work. ABOUT THE YOUTH COUNCIL The Youth Council’s main goal is to educate the local community about the dangers of hepatitis B and the importance of screening. The Youth Council, led by Asian Liver Center staff, will meet bi-monthly to brainstorm and implement project ideas. Over the course of the semester, ideas will be finalized so that they may be implemented. Members will be given reading material on facts, news, and statistics of hepatitis B and its effects. All Youth Council members are expected to commit to the following: • To represent the spirit of the Jade Ribbon Campaign’s mission at their schools, ALC Youth Council events, and within their communities. • To plan and implement student-run projects related to hepatitis B. • To attend biweekly meetings to solidify project ideas and plan implementation. • To make a minimum year-long commitment to the Youth Council (until September 2010). Additional information about hepatitis B can be found at our website: http://liver.stanford.edu. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Amy Yu at amyyu@stanford.edu or the Asian Liver Center at (650) 724-2923. This application must be received (timestamped) by 5:00 PM on September 4, 2009 for consideration. Interviews will be held September 14-18, 2009. The Jade Ribbon Youth Council 2009-2010 will be announced by September 28, 2009.
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