Woodhull Sexual Freedom Questionnaire

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation plans to publish regular reports on the sexual freedom movement, designed to help identify the social changes taking place, or that must take place for progress to be made on the diverse issues on which we work. We are particularly interested in recognizing opportunities for sexual freedom groups to work together. We would like to know what you as a thought leader think about the sexual freedom issues this country faces. In Section 1, we ask you to indicate which of seven broad sexual freedom topic areas you believe are most important. In Section 2, we ask you to name up to three specific issues that you consider to be of great importance in the sexual freedom movement. In Section 3, we ask you to rate how the status of these three issues has changed over the past five years. In Section 4, we ask for approaches or remedies that could be employed to improve these situations. In Section 5, we ask for stories or illustrations that can make these issues more tangible. Finally, we ask some questions about you and your work. All questions are voluntary. Feel free to complete as much or as little of this questionnaire as you would like. We know that this is not a simple survey to complete. We are asking a select group of people to share some of their time to help map out where the sexual freedom movement needs to head and to consider novel ways that people and organizations can work together. If you want to share ideas on behalf of a group or organization, we welcome you to do so. We will keep all individual responses confidential unless you specifically give us permission to quote them. NOTE: Please DO NOT use the RETURN/ENTER key unless you are ready to submit your survey.
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Sexual Freedom Topic Areas - Section 1 of 6 (contains 7 items)

Sexual Freedom Issues - Section 2 of 6 (contains 3 items)

We now would like you to list UP TO 3 issues that you consider to be of great importance in the movement toward realizing sexual freedom as a fundamental human right. The order of your issues does not matter. You may tie your issues to the seven topic areas above, or you may specify whatever else you believe is most important.

Issue Status - Section 3 of 6 (contains 3 items)

Past five years
Past one year

Past five years
Past one year

Past five years
Past one year

Issue Remedies - Section 4 of 6 (contains 1 item)

For the issues that you have listed, please let us know what steps or remedies you think could be beneficial in improving these situations. We encourage you to consider novel approaches and new opportunities for people and groups to work together.

Stories and Illustrations - Section 5 of 6 (contains 1 item)

To make the report more tangible to readers, we would like to include stories that help to illustrate specific sexual freedom issues and challenges. If you can think of any incidents, events, narratives or stories that could help to illustrate the issues that you mentioned above, please share them here.

Questions about You and Your Work - Section 6 of 6 (contains 13 items)

We will keep all information confidential and assume individuals are responding on their own and not on behalf of organizations. If you would like to give us permission to quote your responses or you would like to speak for your organization please let us know. IF YOU ARE WILLING TO BE CONTACTED for follow up about your responses, please include your contact information.

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