Spanish in the US

This is a survey about language and language usage in the United States.
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On economic issues
On social issues

I think Spanish is a pretty language.
I think it is important to learn Spanish.
I think in the future it will be necessary to speak at least some Spanish in order to live in the US.
I wish I could speak better Spanish.
I want my children to learn Spanish.
It bothers me that many people speak Spanish in the US.
It bothers me that many people speak many different languages in the US besides English.
I am okay with Spanish being spoken in public places.
I am okay with other languages besides English (and Spanish) being spoken in public places.
I have positive feelings in general about people who speak Spanish.
I think Spanish should be recognized as an official language in the United States.
I would like to see more bilingual (Spanish and English) services.
I would like to see more signs in Spanish and English.
I am in favor of bilingual schools.
I would support a law making English the only official language of the US.
Sometimes I feel left out when people speak Spanish around me.
I would be unhappy to learn that more people speak Spanish than English in major US cities like Los Angeles.
I think English is being corrupted by the Spanish spoken in the US.
I see Spanish as a threat to English.
It is unfair that immigrants can obtain a job without a working knowledge of English.
Spanish is predominantly spoken by poor people in the US.
In order to be successful in the US, it is necessary to speak English.

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