Top 100 Young Adult Novels

Inspired by School Library Journal's Elizabeth Bird (with her permission), I am compiling the Top 100 YA Novels list with help from authors, teachers, librarians, bloggers, publishing personnel and YA readers. I would like for you to be one of the people consulted. Here are the guidelines (as borrowed from Ms Bird)- 1. Vote for your top ten YA books of all time (not just this year or last year) by 11:59 on April 30, 2010. YA in this case will indicate a readership of 13 and over. This is a loose definition but is in place to differentiate it from Middle Grade. You can provide reasoning for a book if you feel it belongs in the YA category. However, I retain the right of refusal. 2. List these books in your order of preference (stating both title and author). Your #1 YA book would be the one you feel is the most important, so it will receive 10 points. Your #2 choice will be only 9 points. And so on and such. So be very careful how you order your books. Ranking titles incorrectly might lead to an "interesting" group of results so please be careful to do this correctly. 3. Submit these books to me at or via this Google Doc. Write "YA Book Poll" in the subject line. 4. If you like, you can submit what you like about each title. At the beginning of May I will tally up the totals and I will quote from the submitted pieces why one individual or another liked a particular book (citing the reader). That way we can share why we liked one book or another. I will then count down from 100 to 1 the top choices of what people feel the best YA titles of all time are. Please feel free to invite others to take part in this poll by forwarding this email to them. The more participants (in all fields and locations) the better. Thank you for your consideration, Adele
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