IYA2009 Cornerstones and Special Projects final report questionnaire

NOTE: This form is also available in electronic form at: http://www.astronomy2009.org/resources/report/
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Dear IYA2009 Project Chair, the evaluation of IYA2009 is our highest priority in early 2010. When preparing this form, our main aim was to minimize the time you spend on this. We believe that the form can be filled out in 30-40 minutes depending on the number of activities you want to report on, and we appreciate the time you can spend on this.

Please submit this form to the IYA2009 Secretariat until the 28th of February 2010


Project Chair(s)

Project Logo

Task Group

2. Budget

3. Activities

Please give us a list and/or numbers of the activities undertaken in your Project in the framework of the IYA2009, as well as an estimate of the number of people who attended or were reached by these activities.

4. Main Activities

From the list of activities, please choose the ones you would like to highlight and provide a more detailed description and information. Note: You can add as many activities as you want. There is space for 10 activities in this form. If you need more, please contact us at iya2009@eso.org. If possible, please provide photos of those events, duly credited and with a short description of where and when it was taken. We will use those photos to illustrate your pages on the IYA2009 Final Report. Please use the following instruction to upload your photos to Flickr: http://www.astronomy2009.org/news/updates/465/. If this is not possible, please send the image files per email to iya2009@eso.org, provide a link were we can download them or upload them to anonymous FTP: ftp://ftp.eso.org/incoming/iya2009 (you can't see the files but we can - let us know when they are there).

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3

Activity 4

Activity 5

Activity 6

Activity 7

Activity 8

Activity 9

Activity 10

Note: If you need more space to describe your activities, please email us at iya2009@eso.org

5. Overview of your Project

6. Formal Evaluation

7. Lessons learned

8. Legacy


Thank you for your time!

IYA2009 Secretariat

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