Join the Fight to Support Lawful Gun Owners

Anti-gun agenda is back in force in Albany. Undeterred by last year’s defeat of their anti-sportsmen’s agenda, gun control advocates are back again this year with a slew of antigun measures they hope to push through the state Legislature. The anti-gun agenda includes 16 or more bills that seek to add new restrictions to what are already the nation’s toughest gun ownership laws, and further infringe on the Constitutional rights of law-abiding New Yorkers to keep and bear arms. (For more information on the anti-gun legislation, click on the following web address: We won the fight last year and stopped the anti-gun agenda to restrict gun owners rights. Please join me now to uphold our outdoors heritage, help ensure our personal safety and protect our rights. Sign the petition—Join the fight! Join me in stopping the assault on lawful gun owners. Sign my online petition to show you support the rights of sportsmen.
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