West Virginia Student Assessment Identification Number Request Form For Home-Instructed and Nonpublic School Students for 2013-2014

This form is to be used to request West Virginia Student Assessment Identification (ID) Numbers for home-instructed and nonpublic school students for various assessments in WV-MAP. For ACT COMPASS, the student will enter this number on the sign-in screen. Only Grade 11 students will take the ACT COMPASS test. The assigned number MUST be used for both the online writing session and the multiple-choice sessions of WESTEST 2 RLA to ensure students will receive a complete RLA scale score and performance level.. If the request is being made for APTA, make sure this number is placed on the student's test booklet and answer sheet. If a student takes Online Writing with one ID number but then takes WESTEST 2 with a different ID number, please make sure to fill out the Student Move App available on WVEIS on the WEB (WOW).
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