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Documentation and Certification Process:

Those interested in certifying their event should first consult with the Office of Sustainability and the Sustainable Event Planning Guide. The Event Guide can be found online at Completed applications should be filled out at least two weeks before the event. At that time, the Office of Sustainability will evaluate the application and may request additional information or minor modifications. Upon completion of the review and approval, organizers will be issued a certificate to be displayed at their green event.


Please check all that apply and provide any evidential documentation available. For any actions taken that do not appear in the following list, please insert them into the “Other” spaces, and an intern will evaluate them for potential point upon receiving and reviewing the application. Please note that there are prerequisites that should be carried out at every event, regardless of whether organizers pursue certification. These prerequisites are listed below. If you have any questions regarding this form or any of its components, please email the Office of Sustainability at

Certification Levels

Certified Sustainable Highest level: this event could be repeated indefinitely without significantly impacting the environment and the ability of future generations meet their own needs. Beyond Green Intermediate level: this event incorporates multiple aspects of sustainability, such as reduced energy consumption, responsible waste disposal, and guest education about sustainability. Going Green eginning level: this event incorporates the initial steps for creating a sustainable event.

Categories and Event Size:

A Small Event is typically confined to a single unit, is on-campus, and/or has fewer than 30-40 attendees. A Medium Event could involve up to 150-175 attendees, and likely includes significant catering. A Large Event may involve multiple or off-campus meeting sites and over 200 attendees.

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Please note that prerequisites should be carried out at every event, regardless of whether organizers pursue certification.



Food Planning and Preparation

Execution and Education

Feedback & Evaluation

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Someone from the Office of Sustainability will contact you shortly regarding your submission! We thank you for your time and effort in promoting sustainability at SCU.

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