Donors Form

**** THIS FORM IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WISH TO GIVE MONEY TO OTHER PEOPLE **** This form is for those who need the names or people to give monetary gifts to. No questions will asked about the program(s) or package(s) for ultimate protection of the Participant's Non Disclosure Agreement. The purpose is strictly and only to obtain names and details of needy persons. GOD Will Bless You And Yours many times over for your shared blessings to the needy ones. A maximum of 1% will be used to fund Op Compassion operations. Response will come back in Excel spreadsheets per the particular details and a printable contact info list that can be sent to the bank. A surplus of names can be provided upon request which allows you to do a fine tuning selection. Thank You and GOD Bless. To receive a gift of money, please click on this link: Please answer all the questions below
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