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Hello! Thank you for your interest in the Lower Eastside Girls Club. *Please note that our programs primarily serve girls who live or go to school in the Lower East Side / East Village. Enrollment takes place in September for the school year, and summer programs are offered to girls who participate in our school year program. The new Lower Eastside Girls Club building on Avenue D is now open. Please sign up here to receive updates about enrollment in the new building. If your child goes to school or lives in the Lower East Side / East Village, please complete this form and we will get back to you when a spot opens up. There is a waiting list for programs for girls ages 8-12 and limited availability for teen programs; however your name and email will be added to our email list for events, etc. You and your child are welcome to visit us at one of our many public events. Visit http://www.girlsclub.org for our public events calendar. Hola. Gracias por su interes en The Lower Eastside Girls Club. *Por favor nota que nuestros programas primariamente sirven niñas que viven o van a escuela en el Lower East Side/ East Village. Matriculacion es en Septiembre por el año scolar, y programas de verano son offrecidas a las niñas que participan en nuestros programas durante el año scolar. Si su hija vivè o va a escuela en en Lower East Side/ East Village, por favor complete esta forma y nostotros nos communicaremos cuando hay un espacio. Hay una lista de espera para programas para niñas de 8-12 y hay espacio limitado para programas para adolescents; aunque su nombre y email sera agregado a nuestra lista de eventos, etc. Por favor visitenos durante uno de nuestos eventos publicos. Visíte http://www.girlsclub.org para nuestro calendario de eventos. *necesario
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