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Hey there! Racheal here, founder of The Yogipreneur. I'm so excited that you have taken this HUGE step in consciously designing business that serves the world in an even BIGGER way, without sacrificing your family. As you complete this questionnaire, really take the time to answer HONESTLY. Dig deep! Just by completing this exercise, you should begin to feel RELIEF as you step into playing an even bigger game in your business. It is my passion to help people like you {who are PASSIONATE about what they DO} but can't quite get the business "stuff" to work, to find ease and abundance with innovative and creative solutions and business models - that allow you to serve MORE people in LESS time. What is it that I do? No magic here... just a process of discovering your greatest passions, talents and strengths along with my experience and expertise, I facilitate your transition from where you ARE to where you DREAM of being. In this 30 minute Breakthrough Strategy Session, you'll be more clear, focused, and motivated to start taking action immediately, moving drastically closer to achieving a life and business of your dreams. This 30 minute 1 on 1 strategy sesh is completely complimentary - no strings attached. If by the end of our session, I see that my training programs or 1 on 1 private strategy sessions may be a match for your specific needs, I promise to let you know. Or if I don't happen to offer what you're looking for, I'll do my best to hook you up with someone who CAN help. So fill out the form below {including accurate contact info!} and someone from my team will contact you if you qualify for a free sesh. If you don't hear from us right away, it's because I'm booked out. As soon as my schedule clears, you'll hear from us!* Sound good? Racheal *Please note that due to availability, I only accept those for these sessions who are READY and COMMITTED to taking action!
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Low Priority. I'm not sure I even want to be an entrepreneur. High Priority. I've got a message I've gotta get out into the world, ideas that are ready to be birthed, and lives to change. It's my time to shine!

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