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"Common Ground Without Compromise" didn't get its subtitle by chance. These "25 Questions to Create Dialogue on Abortion" should do just that. The book is my letter to both pro-life and pro-choice people with the purpose of helping them create dialogue with...each other. I'd like to give you the book if you have any interest in seeing if that's possible. To receive the eBook version for free, just fill out the simple form below. I'll send the book in two parts. I'll send Chapters 1-4 of the eBook within 48 hours via email from commongroundbook@gmail.com. To receive the remainder of the book (Chapters 5-12), all you have to do is use the first part of the book to have a conversation with someone with whom you disagree on abortion (or, whose opinion on abortion is unknown to you before the conversation). You might send the book to this person, or you might encourage him or her to download it through commongroundbook.com. You can also simply use the questions from the book to make the conversation more productive. Email me (commongroundbook@gmail.com) about the conversation in 1 paragraph or more and I'll happily send you Chapters 5-12. For more information about the book or to purchase a Perfect Bound Paperback, see www.commongroundbook.com. For more information about this offer, see my January 2011 newsletter: www.jfaweb.org/steve/SWnews_2011_Jan.pdf If you don't receive the book for some reason, or if you have any trouble opening the pdf file, please feel free to email me at commongroundbook@gmail.com or you can simply fill out the form again. When you fill out the form, DON'T FORGET TO CLICK "SUBMIT" at the bottom of the form. I'll look forward to being in touch! Stephen Wagner Director of Training, Justice For All Author, *Common Ground Without Compromise* (Note: Your information is safe. JFA and I will not sell or share your contact information with anyone.)

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