Student Organization Treasurer Authorization Agreement

Each organization is required to name an active on-campus treasurer for the current term. The treasurer is required to complete this on-line "Student Organization Treasurer Authorization Agreement" for the term. After completion of this form, the treasurer will be authorized to access funds in the organization's account. The "STUDENT ORGANIZATION FINANCIAL PROCEDURES GUIDE" can be found at . Please refer to this guide for information on how to access your organization's funds, including forms to use and deadlines to be aware of. Link to the actual forms explained in the guide is here: Treasurers are always welcome to contact Pat Moss in 303 Collis with any questions they might have after trying to first find the answers in this guide. (TEMPORARY LOCATION WINTER 2013: 319 ROBINSON HALL)
* Required

Treasurer Agreement Statements

Please read each statement carefully and check the box indicating that you understand and agree to the statement.

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.