The Ides of March - Tuesday 3/15 Volunteer Booking Confirmation

You are being booked as an extra for The Ides of March, filming Tuesday, 3/15 in Ann Arbor. Please complete and submit this form to confirm that you are completely available Tuesday and accept the booking. Once you have confirmed, if you do not receive final details (times, location and wardrobe direction) by 6:30AM Monday, please check my website blog or my facebook page for updates. IF YOU HAVE A FRIEND, FAMILY MEMBER, ETC. (MUST BE 18 OR OVER AND LOOK YOUNG ENOUGH TO BE A UNIVERSITY STUDENT) THAT HAS APPLIED, IS AVAILABLE AND WE DID NOT BOOK THEM YET, PLEASE FORWARD THIS FORM TO THEM!! If more than 1 person uses this e-mail address, please complete the last question on the form. Thank you! Ryan Hill
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