Please give us your thoughts, suggestions, reaction to the new GoldLink

I regularly use iGoogle, myYahoo, myMSN or a similar service.
I will add extra content to my tabs.
GoldLink Portal is easily navigable.
I don't understand GoldLink Portal!
I am happy with GoldLink Portal.
I would like more content/channels in the new GoldLink.
I would like more color schemes or skins to choose from.
I prefer more tabs with fewer channels.
I prefer fewer tabs with more channels.
I don't mind ETSU content that I can not remove.
i don't want any forced content.
Many of the channels didn't work.
Goldlink Portal is user friendly.
I like the extra content. (news, weather, maps)

I will never use the ETSU portal unless I have to! I love the portal and will tell all my friends about it!

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.