HackerspaceKL T-Shirt Pre-order

Please choose your size and quantity. Collect your t-shirts at the HackerspaceKL/Randomdata booth at the HITBSecConf2010 Kuala Lumpur, on the 13 - 14th of October 2010 at Crown Plaza Mutiara. See the t-shirt designs here: http://www.hackerspace.my/news/pre-order-your-limited-edition-hackerspacekl-t-shirt-online-now The pre-order closes on midnight 30th September 2010
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Limited Edition HackerspaceKL, Randomdata and HITB T-shirt

This is a limited edition t-shirt with the logos of HackerspaceKL, Randomdata and HITB. This t-shirt is RM30 for hackerspace members (Randomdata and HackerspaceKL or any visiting members from other hackerspaces) and RM35 for non-members.

HackerspaceKL T-Shirt

This is the normal HackerspaceKL T-shirt. This t-shirt costs RM25 for members and RM30 for non-members.

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