Apply to be a part of LEAD OHIO

LEAD OHIO [Leadership, Empowerment, Activism, & Diversity] LEAD OHIO Is a new and exciting educational experience which seeks to develop students through scholarship, service and leadership. All first-year University College (UC) students enroll in a learning community. If you choose and are selected for LEAD OHIO, you will be enrolled with other LEAD OHIO participants in general education courses taught by faculty members who have been recognized for their outstanding teaching and a first-year seminar courses which will be taught by Tanya Barnett or Kevin Geiger. The first-year seminar will focus on your transition to college life and scholarly engagement, as well as service learning. If you have questions, please contact: Tanya Barnett or Kevin Geiger at LEAD OHIO Application – due May 27, 2011
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Financial Obligation

In order to officially register for courses, you must agree to accept responsibility for the courses to which you are assigned. You will NOT be registered until after the “final admit” date for students has passed. If you choose to not attend Ohio University and are concerned that you are registered for an LC, please contact with your questions and/or comments. By registering for classes, a student incurs a legal obligation to pay all applicable charges, including tuition, all fees, and any housing and meal plan charges. This obligation will be canceled only if the student officially cancels his/her registration before the first day of classes. If you do not plan to attend classes, you must cancel all of your classes using web registration or by calling the Office of the Registrar, (740) 593-4207, before classes begin. Official withdrawal during the first 15 calendar days of the quarter (8th calendar day for summer sessions) entitles the student to a refund of 80 percent of tuition. Classes dropped after the 15th calendar day (8th for summer sessions) of the quarter will not remove tuition or other fees and results in a WP or WF on your academic record. Flexibly scheduled classes (classes that do not meet for the full session/quarter) follow a different schedule for tuition adjustments and removal of classes from your academic record. Contact the Office of the Registrar or your regional campus student services office for the appropriate deadlines. Refer to the applicable Catalog and quarterly Schedule of Classes for more detailed information about cancellation of registration, dropping of classes, applicable refund policies and other relevant policies. Students will receive an e-mail notification to their OHIO e-mail account when their eBill is available for viewing. It is your responsibility to review your statement and make payment by the published due date. Students who have not paid their fees or made payment arrangements prior to the payment deadline will be charged a $100.00 late payment fee. For students on the Monthly Payment Plan, the late fee assessment is $25 per late installment.

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