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The media programme of SAFAR is constantly searching and exploring opportunities to establish an alternative media, a media which will go beyond the academic barriers and market preconditions. It also intends to do experimental media activities of different kinds, especially low cost media with not only prevalent forms and technologies but also with emerging ones. In order to honor its commitment towards real media, SAFAR is organizing a three day Media Workshop for students, media enthusiasts, development professionals and grassroot activists; which is the second in the series. There will be bilingual sessions on print, radio, television and web journalism by eminent media professionals like khadeeja Arif (Correspondent , BBC Radio), Piya Kochhar (Radio Journalist & Media Entrepreneur), Prof. Abhay Kumar Dubey (CSDS), Dilip Mandal (, Rahul Pandita (Senior Corrspondent, Open), Rakesh Kumar Singh (Digi-activist & Media Researcher), Vijender Chauhan (Web media Theorist) and Vineet Kumar (TV Critic). No formal qualification is required to attend the workshop.
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