Help with the Puppy Friendly Pet Stores project

Thank you for your interest in helping the Humane Society of the United States' Puppy Mills Campaign with the Puppy Friendly Pet Stores program. This program has two parts. First, we are building a list of stores that do not sell puppies to make "official" their stance against puppy mills and to congratulate them for their humane business model. Second, we will contact stores that do sell puppies to convince them to discontinue the sale of puppies, using the first list to demonstrate that they don't have to sell puppies to run a successful pet store. It has been great because almost all of the pet stores we contact want to participate, but we’ve found that we don’t get the pledges back from them unless someone goes to the store and meets with the owner or manager in person. This is where supporters like you come in. If you're interested in helping with the first part of this project - or if you would just like more info - please complete the form below.
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