2011 Cardinal Approval Ratings

For the third straight year, I attempt to take the pulse of Cardinal Nation and see just what they think of certain key members of the Cardinals and those connected to them. This is your personal opinion about how you view the player in question personally. You may think Albert Pujols is the greatest player in the game, but something about him rubs you the wrong way. In that case, perhaps you give him an 80 or an 85 instead of a 95 or greater. Whatever your opinion, put it down. Three notes: One, your answer must be between 0 and 100. Anything greater or less than that will be tossed out. Two, you do not have to vote for everyone on the ballot. If you don't have any opinion on a person, please skip them instead of putting 0 down. Third, there is a place for comments after every section. This is totally optional--if you prefer not to leave any, that is fine. However, please note that any comments made may be used in blog posts relating to the posting of the totals. Have fun!
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Opinions on those that take the field


Those involved with the front office or operations of the Cardinals, with one exception.


Those involved with covering the Cardinals via radio, TV, or print

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