Utah CTE Skill Certificate Test Coordinator Agreement

The Test Coordinator Agreement must be submitted by September. Attention: New Test Coordinators--Please contact USOE once you've completed this form and you will be emailed instructions re: accessing your administrative account in the Precision Exams testing site.
* Required

Course Standards and Performance

The test coordinator is responsible to disseminate skill certificate testing information to CTE teachers. Teachers are to obtain copies of the course standards and the required performance reporting form for all courses they teach. This information is posted on the CTE web site. http://www.schools.utah.gov/ate/Skills/skills.htm

Test Administration

Only registered CTE teachers or other approved test administrators may administer state CTE tests. Students may not supervise other students taking tests. CTE tests should be carefully monitored at all times during administration. Only students enrolled in the corresponding course, grades 9-12, may take the CTE test. A student may only take a test for that course, once during the year. Students in other grades may NOT take the CTE skill tests, even if they are enrolled in the course.

Testing Rules

No talking or assistance may be provided. Reference materials may not be used (unless specified.) Test accommodations may be provided as specified in an IEP, IRP, 540, LEP and ELL. Pre-emergent or emergent ELL students are exempt from CTE testing.

Test Security

Testing for a specific class should be completed within five school days days. Teachers MAY NOT preview a test, take the test, or create a key. Tests should not be administered earlier than 20 school days before the end of the trimester/semester.

Performance Documentation Review

The CTE test coordinator is responsible for submitting copies of the performance documentation. All documentation must be submitted to the USOE on or before June 15.


I have read and understand the informaiton and requirements pertaining to the CTE skill tests.

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