Technology Innovation in Nigeria's Informal Economy

Dear Nigerian Innovator, Below you will find a Technology Innovation survey. The purpose is to help us understand how small companies in Nigeria are building the economy. We are only interested in companies that create, modify, reverse or use technologies in special ways for their operations. These cover mechanics, radio repairers, computer repairers, farm technologists, oil millers, metal smithers, spare parts manufacturers, herbalists, welders, etc; any technology, period. One response per company. The results will be published in a book and we will send you a copy. We need your business address for follow up discussions- verifications, photos and classifications . Do us a favor and share this message with other companies/people. Our team is local and already interviewing many companies. One lucky business/person will get a FREE web registration, hosting and design for one year*. Deadline to complete this survey is December 21, 2010. Have a great day. Nkeiru Sam Fasmicro Ltd, Aba, Nigeria African Institution of Tech, USA Email: Email: *Informational website as explained in NB: Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba versions of this survey are available on request. We email and send hard copies also.
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