2011 Workshop on Sustainability Across the Curriculum at Duke - May 9, 2011

Are you interested in incorporating sustainability principles into your courses? Then please read on to learn about the 2011 Workshop on Sustainability Across the Curriculum at Duke! . This is the 2nd annual Workshop, and participants this year will join with those who attended the first workshop last year to become the Duke Faculty Learning Community for Sustainability and Curriculum. If you are interested in attending this Workshop, please complete the application form at http://tinyurl.com/DukeSustainability. Through a partnership with the Duke Center for Instructional Technology and Sustainable Duke, the workshop is free of charge to participants and a small stipend is provided to 10 Duke faculty who complete the program. The purpose of the Workshop on Sustainability Across the Curriculum is to provide opportunities for mentorship of faculty who wish to include concepts of sustainability in their course syllabi in a meaningful way. Faculty participants will focus on thinking through 1) concepts of sustainability and how these might be integrated into existing or new courses, and 2) ways to use instructional technologies to increase sustainability in teaching. The Fellows will redesign their courses to incorporate instructional technologies to increase the sustainability of teaching and learning in their courses, become exemplars leading other faculty to teach in a more sustainable way, and assess the effectiveness of their course changes. Faculty leading the 2011 Workshop attended the first annual Workshop for Sustainability and Curriculum in May of 2010. In this 2-day workshop, eight Duke faculty and 21 faculty from six other NC institutions focused on integrating sustainability in their courses. Our plan is for 2011 participants to join the Faculty Learning Community for Sustainability, and to mentor other faculty in future Workshops if they wish. This year, the Duke-focused Workshop on Sustainability Across the Curriculum will take place on May 9th on the Duke Campus Farm located in Duke Forest on Friends School Road. For indoor activities, and in inclement weather, the Carolina Friends School (located directly across the street) has offered their facilities for our use. Duke faculty from 2010 will serve as conveners and mentors to assist with the 2011 workshop and subsequent planning for course redesign. Participants must agree to the following Workshop requirements, and will receive a $500 stipend upon successful completion: a) in the application, name a specific course that you would design or revise to include sustainability (or in your case, additional sustainability) components b) attend monthly meetings in the Fall semester 2011 to discuss planning or implementation of your course c) create one or more posts for the CIT blog about your findings or some aspects of the course redesign d) permit your course syllabi to be published as an example of varied methods to include sustainability in teaching d) participate in assessment activities of the Learning Community e) present at the CIT showcase in April 2012 This form must be completed by April 20th, 2011. Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis, within a week of application.
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