Student Organization Funding Request

UK Student Government Appropriations & Revenue (A&R) Committee NOTICE: Applications for Senate Special Projects must include the name of the sponsoring Senator (with permission explicitly given by the Senator). A list of the Senators can be found at A list of A&R Committee meeting dates and deadlines can be found here:
* Required

Terms and Conditions for Funding Requests

a. The University of Kentucky Student Government will not disperse funds to cover expenses in advance of the event or purchase. b. Student Government will not reimburse any expenses for printing and duplicating services performed by vendors other than UK approved printing services. c. The Student Government office manager must receive all receipts for the within thirty (30) days of the final date of the event or purchase. d. Student Government funds will only be available during the fiscal year that the funds were allocated. e. The Student Government name and logo must be displayed on all materials associated with the project or event. The following disclaimer may be substituted for the name and logo, "Funded by your Student Government." For events that are partially funded by Student Government, the disclaimer may read, "Funded in part by your Student Government."

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