New Maverick Orientation - Activities Fair 2011

The 2011 New Maverick Orientation Activities Fair is a great opportunity to introduce your department, group, or organization to the Class of 2015! Please read the detailed information below about the dates, times, and responsibilities of Activities Fair 2011 Participants. Dates: June 10, June 14, June 17, June 21, June 24, June 28 July 8, July 12, July 22, July 26, July 29 August 2, August 5, August 12 (if necessary) ** Groups must be present at ALL dates*** Time: 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM (Set-up begins at 1:15 PM) Location: Bluebonnet Ballroom, University Center Tables are LIMITED and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. A reminder email will be sent one week prior to the first activities fair date; along with the table assignment. Again, set-up for the Activities Fair will begin at 1:15PM. Groups that have not arrived by 1:25PM will give up their table to those on the wait list. Please do not bring displays that will not fit on a one 6-foot table. Freestanding displays will not be allowed. To sign-up for the New Maverick Orientation - Activities Fair 2011, please fill out the form below. The sign-up deadline is May 6. We will accept sign-up sheets after May 6 if space allows. If you have any questions, please contact New Maverick Orientation at or 817-272-3213.
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