Student Email Account Request Form

All Fields marked with an * are required. This form will allow you to request up to 5 student accounts per submission. If you only have one student please fill in the fields that have the *. These fields are the only ones required for a submission.
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Student Acceptable Use Agreement "All AUP Rules Apply"

The AUP that the student has signed and turned into the Technology Office for them to be able to log into the computer systems covers the use of email. The agreement states: "Through this system, you will be able to communicate with other schools, colleges, organizations, and people around the world through the Internet and other electronic information systems/networks."

Account Validity and Filtering Rules

To ensure the validity of this request the technology department will send an email to your school email address for you to verify the request. If you do not respond to the verification email, students accounts will not be created. All Student Email accounts will be created with the following filter settings applied. Filter Level 2 - the teacher will receive copies of all incoming and outgoing messages but only needs to approve messages that are flagged as containing profanity.

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.