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Welcome to The Northwests only weekday roaming BagTag League. We meet every Wednesday and play at one of the many Disc Golf Parks in the NorthWest. With our club ride-share program we always make sure no member is left behind! This years BagTag season is limited to 200 tags for 1 year, with a 6 month (winter) tournament & 12 month Finals. Its is my personal goal to make this Season of BagTags the biggest & best in the NorthWest. This Membership form includes - Updated rules, Definitions & past club Issues Before you fill out this form please be aware of the following requirements for the Acerbinky BagTag Challenge. 1. 18 or Over please. 2. Commit to at least One Wednesday league day a month, otherwise not eligible for finals. 3. Willing to travel, we go to a different course every week somewhere in the northwest. 4. Love for the game of Disc Golf - Newbies are always welcome. 5. A profile is not required but highly recommended for club updates & stats. BagTags are only handed out on Wednesday's filling out this form does not guarantee you membership or BagTag. This form is required to join BagTag Club.
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Goal & Rules

The Goal Your goal is to have the lowest numbered BagTag possible and have fun along the way. Rules of Engagement 1. Members who “posses a current Bag Tag in hand” may issue/schedule/participate in challenge(s). 2. Any member with a higher Bag Tag number may challenge any player with a lower Bag Tag number to a round of disc golf. 3. Members cannot avoid challenges by leaving the Bag Tag at home or by concealing your Bag Tag (see forfeiture). 4. The player receiving the challenge can choose the course to be played AND must make a “fair and reasonable” effort to be available within 2 weeks. 5. Once the challenge has been agreed upon, any changes must be agreed upon otherwise a forfeiture may occur. 6. If the challenger has the lowest score for the round, the tags must be exchanged immediately following the round. Definitions: BagTag Colors - Colors can be used on League days to help randomize the scorecards. BagTag Shuffle - When there are 3 or more BagTags, you have the option to throw all tags in & shuffle the tags according to scores for that round. Every League day is a full BagTag Shuffle. Wild Card Tag - Wild cards can be used for 2 things: a) Dollar or Disk trade b) Mulligan on 18 hole course. Use of Wildcard as above MUST be stated before tag match starts. New -> Wildcard is treated as ZERO, the ultimate lowest #. Sponsor Tag - A person(s) carrying this tag is a sponsor and is obligated to give a prize if he or she looses in a 1 on 1 challenge. Forfeiture - If you walk away from a challenge that has not completed, you automatically take the highest tag in that challenge. You are required to exchange for the highest tag in group before leaving, otherwise you take the highest tag in existence. Changes Since Last Season: 1. BagTags are better. 2. Lots of club swag with discounts for club members. 3. There will always be prizes if 15 or more show up on league day. 4. You are required to show up to at least 6 league days within 6 month period. 1 day a month. 5. This season will last 1 year with a 6 month tournament in between. Other Issues that have come up in the past: 1. If you loose your tag, it is your responsibility to tell league administrator 2. If you forget your tag on league day, you can still play, just not for tags.. Sorry 3. On league days you are allowed to opt out of the second round if you know you will not have time to finish, otherwise tags are always in if your playing on League day. 4. You are not allowed to give your tag to another player unless it is cleared by League administrator AND issued on a Wednesday. 5. If you are no longer able to play in the Wednesday league, please return your BagTag so others can join, This league has limited entry's so lets keep it full. 6. ABDG Club is a member run operation, this means that questions, disputes or club issues are resolved by a majority vote by members present. 7. The most you can take on any given hole is 4 over par. 8. We are all out to have fun & play some disc golf, disrespecting members and/or ruining the game for others around you is not tolerated. If an issue comes up, please make League administrator aware of it & lets get it resolved! 9. 18 or over please, school starts back up soon & our league is during school hours. There may be an occasional exception.

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