"Green the Governor" at Grant Park's Shade Festival

Experience has shown that a governor's commitment to our air, water and green spaces can have a serious impact. Georgia’s heritage of rivers, waterways, marshland, forest, farmland, green space and mountains is seriously threatened, and the state’s reluctance to make substantial investments in sustainable infrastructure is jeopardizing our future. Our next governor must make a solemn commitment to preserve Georgia’s natural heritage and encourage sustainable growth. Within the conservation community, Sierra Club has been working with coalitions like Environment Georgia, the Georgia Water Coalition, Save Georgia’s Coast and Georgians for Smart Energy to identify straightforward and critical priorities for our next Governor. We'll be working with our allies to deliver this platform to the candidates and ask that you be sure to let candidates know that the Environment is a priority for you when you visit the polls. But for Sierra club, this wasn't enough. We have taken this effort as a call to action and brought it directly to Georgia voters. We have spend hours engaging the people of Georgia at festivals all summer, from SweetWater 420 to 790 The Zone Midsummer Music Fest and beyond. We are poised to now bring this vital effort to Atlanta’s oldest public park, as we will be attending the 8th Annual Summer Shade Festival, August 28 & 29, 2010. This two day festival winds along the shaded pedestrian roadways of historic L.P. Grant Park. By filling out the form below you are pleding to commit a minimum of 3 hours to assisting this vital effort.
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