* What is BGA Café Member? Includes BGA memberships for 5 or more baristas at a café/coffee shop/roaster retailer that’s already a member of the SCAA * What does it cost? Get a $15 discount (or group rate) on a BGA membership per person when you join with at least 5 people from the same company. The BGA Cafe Membership is $150, or $30 per person - A savings of $75 or more if you have more than 5 joining! * Can you have more than 5 join? Of course! The price per person is $30 for each additional person. * Can you have less than 5 join? Yes, you can sign up 4 baristas and still save $30 over 4 regularly priced memberships! * What if someone is already a BGA member on their own, can they join with the company as a BGA Café Member? Of course! The membership is still owned by the individual, so the expire date on the membership will be extended by 1 year with the addition of the BGA Cafe Membership. IMPORTANT: PLEASE USE THIS FORM AS A REGISTRATION FOR BGA CAFE MEMBERSHIP, BUT PLEASE NOTE THAT SOMEONE FROM THE SCAA MEMBERSHIP DEPARTMENT WILL BE CONTACTING YOU TO FINALIZE PAYMENT. PLEASE EXPECT TO BE CONTACTED WITHIN 24 HOURS. PLEASE DIRECT QUESTIONS TO MEMBERSHIP@SCAA.ORG.
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