Detailed Needs Inquiry Form

This is your application for Prosperity Funds Gifting from a Program Participant otherwise known as a confidential donor. The donor will review the applicants and choose which one/s he or she shall donate to. A check is then mailed from the bank with no information per the source. Please elaborate on your needs requirement as the donor shall be selecting per what is written. All information must be accurate as random background checks may be done. Pray and thank Your LOVING LORD for the miracle that will occur. * APPLICANTS MUST BE 21 YEARS OR OLDER ** PLEASE BE AWARE THAT MARRIED COUPLES ARE TO APPLY ONCE ONLY BETWEEN THEMSELVES AND NOT SEPARATELY, SO PLEASE INCLUDE THE NEEDS OF BOTH OF YOU IN ONE APPLICATION. *** THE MAIN CATEGORY FOR FUNDING IS SELF/FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!! Do not apply in the other categories unless you have a great desire/need for that particular category, as this application form is used for all people making all sorts of different applications as they have different needs.
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Enter your Delivery Address in the fields below:

IMPORTANT!! Your gift will be delivered via courier. You will need to be there to receive the gift and sign for it. You will also need documentation to prove who you are. So enter your current DELIVERY address where you can accept deliveries during normal working hours. Deliveries will not be made during the weekends or public holidays/

Residential Address, if different from Delivery address

Only enter an address here if your delivery address is not where you live. This must be a street address. PO Boxes are not acceptable.

Here is where you apply for your Needs

There are 5 different categories listed below. You DO NOT need to apply for each category. SELF / FAMILY / FRIENDS is the main category. Most people will apply for this category only. Answer all questions pertaining to the category you wish to apply for. Donors will gift self/ family/ friends first so we will not be worrying about survival. Church lists and groups of individuals will also be gifted at this time. Projects and humanitarian operations are encouraged, but will be gifted after individual and family requests.

**** PLEASE NOTE **** Unfortunately the Donors have not come on board yet. We are told that this could happen any day, but so far no specific date has been set.

What happens next?

The Op Compassion Team will allocate an application number to your application. Your application will then be passed to the Op Compassion Regional Team for your area for processing. They will contact you giving you your application number and asking you to verify the information you gave in your application. At that time you can make any necessary changes or updates that you need to make. SAVE THE APPLICATION NUMBER because it will be used to identify you and your place in the database of applicants. PLEASE BE PATIENT AS WE ARE GETTING TO EACH OF YOU AS SOON AS WE CAN. Please DO NOT submit another application as this will delay the process for you. We will soon list the regional email addresses for you to contact us. Thank you for your patience and help with this.

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