Rubric for evaluating students’ information competency and learning outcomes

The purpose of this questionnaire and survey of faculty is three-fold. First, our goal is to solicit information on the effectiveness of the orientation with the intent of improving the teaching endeavor. Second, by using a rubric for evaluating students’ information competency after the library orientation that has direct bearing on overall learning outcomes, the librarian and instructor can collaboratively track and assess the effectiveness of the students’ learning process. Third, through early remedial intervention identify the areas of concern in students’ learning abilities for tutoring through a series of workshops offered by librarians.
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Part 1:

Part 2: Rubric for evaluating students’ information competency and learning outcomes:

Evaluation criteria used to judge the effectiveness of library orientations and students’ success. [What constitutes Exemplary:Number of students =4 points] [What constitutes Proficient:Number of students= 3 points] [What constitutes Emergent (needs improvement):Number of students=2 points]

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