A Log's Life : A Questioning Assessment

Read the passage below. Then write four questions below. Deep in the forest a great oak tree stands. A family of squirrels lives in a hole in its trunk. A porcupine chews on its branches. A colony of carpenter ants nests under the outer bark. A woodpecker pecks at the rough bark, searching for insects. He spears one, devours it, and hunts for more. Wood-boring beetles burrow under the bark, chewing wood and leaving tunnels. Water and air seep into the tunnels. Toadstools and other fungi such as mildew, molds, and mushrooms sprout in these damp places. Slugs and snails crawl up the tree trunk into the tunnels and eat the fungi....Under the log ants rush about, carring white bundles of babies. A spider crawls through cracks and crevices, searching for a dry spot to place her egg sac. Millipedes settle between the log and the wet ground. For now, they are safe from the spider. Termites soon discover the fallen log and move in. They not only eat the rotting wood, they lay their eggs there, too. Pfeffer, W. (1997). A Log's Life. Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing: New York.
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