Recovery Program Interest Form

Rock Recovery offers a low-cost recovery program for individuals struggling with disordered eating. We define disordered eating very broadly, and currently serve those suffering from anorexia, bulimia, compulsive eating, emotional eating, exercise addiction, and a variety of other behaviors related to food and/or exercise. Our goal is to help individuals find full, lasting freedom. Our program includes weekly group meals and group therapy, mentorship, and perhaps most importantly, the ongoing support of fellow program participants. We do not provide individual therapy or individual meetings with dietitians, but we can help you find someone in the area that is a good fit with you. To find out if our program is a good fit for you, we ask take our "Fit Quiz" prior to completing this interest form. This is available at: If our "Fit Quiz" suggests that we are indeed a good fit for you, and if you are interested in our recovery program, please provide the information requested below. A member of our Treatment Team will be in touch within one week. We commend you for taking this step to embrace (or further) your recovery!
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