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Hey - you guys may have noticed me posting around reddit before with random android apps and stuff. I'm on Spring Break, and was suffering from a bit of burnout. I put all my current projects on a 1 or 2 day hiatus, and began working on an android app that's primarily a plugin for Tasker that I wanted to use. Basically, it monitors your Reddit profile on a given interval, and will fire events when 1) You receive a message (this was the original function) 2) Your various karmas change. It can already do both of those things, but I'm currently in the process of cleaning it up, and making it user friendly. Currently, it likes to eat fingers. I've also got to get Pent to add it to Tasker's 3rd Party section, which may take a bit before release, but we're talking about it now. So, here's the things I need to know, in order to finish it up.
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App Design Questions

These have to do mainly with the user interface

Biling Questions

I'm a university student looking to make some side money, so I've got to decide how to market this app. Ads aren't an option, since I intend to make this a setup-and-forget app.

Please answer these questions even if you're not sure if you're going to buy the app

Answer with what would make you most likely to purchase it, please :)

Other Questions and Comments!

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