Friendship Family International Student Application

Thank you for your interest in our Friendship Family Program! This program will match you with a local family who will invite you to family events and activities that will provide you a unique view of American and Minnesotan culture. This is not a host family and you are still responsible for finding your own housing. If you have any questions, please contact International Student Services at or (651) 962-6650.
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I understand that by filling out this application, I am stating that I want to participate in this program. This program will match me with a local family whom I will meet with at least once a month. I will be in contact with my friendship family and respond in a timely manner to their phone calls, emails etc. I will also plan on attending the orientation for these programs. I will be in communication with ISS if I ever run into issues with my friendship family. I am excited to be involved in this program and will be respectful of my friendship family's values and beliefs.

Thank you for filling out this application. You will receive a response soon from International Student Services confirming your application.

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