Mercer Innovation Chase - Registration

If your interested in participating in the Mercer Innovation Chase '11 at Mercer University and want to sign up as an individual or in a team of your choice; you can fill out this form to be added to our sign up list. Once 50 students have registered, this registration portal will no longer be accessible - meaning the registration has closed. Note: Please do not duplicate registrations - meaning don't register in both a group and as an individual. Registration cancellations should be directed to so that slots may be reopened.
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Team Members

You can fill this portion of the form out whether your teammates have been confirmed or not. We will send an email to each teammate to confirm your team. You may add up to 4 teammates excluding yourself. We will only accept submissions of teams of 3-5 persons. Type your teammates full name and MUID here; ex. (1) John Brown, 10957483

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