Social Function Request Form for RSOs (BYOB Events)

Sponsor agrees to schedule a meeting with the Assistant Director of Student Activities to review this submitted form at least two (2) weeks prior to the event. *Sponsor agrees to comply with the Juniata College Alcohol Policy and the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. *No one under 21 years of age is permitted to possess, consume, or transport alcoholic beverages. *Event sponsors may not in any way furnish alcoholic beverages for the function. College funds may not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages and the sponsors may not participate in the purchase and/or delivery of alcoholic beverages for attendees. The only approved format is "bring your own beverage (BYOB)" for those persons 21 years of age and older. *When alcoholic beverages are permitted, non-alcoholic beverages and food must be provided. *All guests must provide proof of age in the form of a driver’s license or approved IDbefore entering the function. *All guests who are 21 years or over must be visibly identified by means such as a hand stamp or wristband (supplied by the Office of Student Activities). *Attendees over 21 years of age are permitted only one 6-pack of beer or wine coolers. If the beer or wine coolers are in bottles, they must be served in cups. When alcoholic beverages are permitted at a function (or when required by the Director or Assistant Director of Student Activities), the sponsor agrees to have at least two (2) TIPS trained individuals (Event Management Team) present. The TIPS trained individuals (Event Managers) must be arranged through the Office of Student Activities; volunteers ARE NOT permitted to assume the responsibilities of the Event Management Team. *TIPS trained individuals (Event Managers) reserve the right to refuse drink distribution to any attendee. *TIPS trained individuals (Event Managers) reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the event at any time due to inappropriate behavior. If an attendee refuses to leave, Juniata College Public Safety will be contacted. If an attendee is cut off from consuming alcohol, the attendee may not take their alcohol with them that evening. The remaining alcohol will be emptied and the cans/bottles will be recycled. Event staff members may not be RAs from the building in which the event is taking place. Sponsor agrees to have ______ (RSO) representatives present at all times during the event. (Must have one (1) RSO representative for every 50 people in attendance or a minimum of two (2) representatives for each event under 50 people). Representatives are responsible for set-up, clean-up, collecting admission fees (when applicable), monitoring ALL exits, and enforcing college policy. Representatives and Sponsors are to arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the event. *Representatives of the RSO must remain sober from the start of the event through clean up. *One (1) representative must be present at every door to ensure that open containers are staying in the designated area. *RSO must provide two (2) 8 ft. tables and a minimum of two (2) chairs for Event Staff. *The RSO is responsible for providing coolers and ice for the beer check. The Office of Student Activities does not provide coolers. Sponsor agrees to ensure that attendance at the event does not exceed the room capacity stated below: Baker Refectory (400 people) Ellis Ballroom (200 people) Cloister Lounge (50 people) East Houses Lounges (50 people) Lesher Basement Lounge (100 people) Lesher Carpeted Lounge (50 people) Sherwood Carpeted Lounge (50 people) Sunderland Hall Lounge (50 people) South Carpeted Lounge (100 people) Tussey-Terrace Lounge (125 people) Other ____________________ Sponsor agrees to register all guests who are not affiliated with Juniata College, naming their student sponsor. *At every event, a guest sign-in sheet must be used. This sheet can be obtained from the Office of Student Activities; it names the guest, requires their signature, driver’s license ID number, sponsor name, and sponsor identification number. Sponsor agrees to clean the facilities and return them to their original condition. Sponsor agrees to report and/or be responsible for any and all damages that occur on or about the premises as a result of the social function. Sponsor is financially responsible for restitution for damages that occur as the result of negligence on the part of the sponsor. The function will be open to Residential Life, Public Safety, and/or Student Services staff. The sponsors are not to interfere with any college officials in their attempts to monitor the function and enforce College policy. The event is not to conflict with or disrupt any other Juniata College activity. If there are violations of this agreement or of Juniata College policy, the function will be terminated. For outdoor social functions: *Sponsor must contact the Director/Assistant Director of Student Activities at least two weeks in advance. *Sponsor must use yellow “CAUTION” tape (or something similar) to section off appropriate parameters for the event as determined by the Director/Assistant Director of Student Activities. *Parameters determined by the outdoor location. *Sponsor must section off a beer/wine cooler check area for the storage of alcoholic beverages. For private social functions: *The sponsors will provide a complete guest list to the Office of Student Activities by 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday preceding the function. The list is not subject to changes. The maximum number of persons permitted on the guest list is ________ persons. *The sponsors are NOT permitted to charge admission to the function. *Advertisement of the event is NOT permitted. All advertisements for open social functions should have the following on them: *All Driver’s Licenses IDs will be checked at the door *All guests over 21 must wear a wristband *Attendees over 21 are permitted only one 6-pack of beer or wine coolers per person. The following must be posted on a sign at the entrance to the event, and a minimum of three signs must be placed on the walls of the room: *Alcohol must be checked at the beer check upon entering the venue. *TIPS trained individuals (Event Managers) reserve the right to refuse drink distribution to any attendee. *TIPS trained individuals (Event Managers) reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the event at any time due to inappropriate behavior. *Alcohol will only be served to people wearing a wristband. * Make sure to arrange a date and time with the Assistant Director of Student Activities to pick up signs. Note: Event Managers will be paid minimum wage ($7.25/hour) for working BYOB events. Below lists the amount that needs to be paid per Event Manager per hour. You will be contacted by the Office of Student Activities to transfers funds to pay for the Event Managers. 1 hour = $7.25 2 hours = $14.50 3 hours = $21.75 4 hours = $29.00
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