Flat Classroom Workshop Registration at ASB Unplugged (February 2010)

One teacher/administrator from each interested school must complete this online form to register for the Flat Classroom Workshop at ASB Unplugged to be held February 24-27, 2010. To foster cultural diversity it is expected that registering schools will plan to send 4 students to the workshop, with an option to apply for up to 6 students to attend. Deadline for Application: October 31, 2009 Final selection of classes completed: November 15, 2009. Please note that students who attend the Flat Classroom Workshop will be hosted by families at the American School of Bombay. Teachers who attend will be accommodated in a hotel as per normal conference registration and at their personal expense. For more information contact Kim Caise - flatclassroomproject@gmail.com *Important Links* More details about the Flat Classroom Workshop can be found at http://www.asbindia.info:8081/drupal/ASB_Un-plugged/?q=node/48 Flat Classroom Conference 2009 Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6X3uFYBRDA Flat Classroom Conference Ning - http://flatclassroomconference.ning.com Review also the information found on the Flat Classroom Conference wiki http://flatclassroomconference.wikispaces.com/

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