ICM International Food Festival & Bazaar


Alhamdulillah, we are pleased to host the International Food Festival & Bazaar again this year. The event will be held on Saturday, September 22nd, inshaAllah, from 11am to 3pm at ICM in Gaithersburg, MD. For those who have not attended in the past, the festival will include booths representing cultures throughout the Muslim world from Morocco, Ethiopia, Palestine, Russia, Turkey, Iran, India, Malaysia, and many other countries, showcasing the richness and diversity in our foods, clothing, and handicrafts.

This year we are adding two new features to the festival. Firstly, we would like to help give back to those less fortunate in our community by holding a canned food drive during the festival. Secondly, we're adding food-themed games for kids to enjoy while the adults enjoy food tasting and shopping.

Each year we look to our community to make this event a success by volunteering their time to stand at the booths to share our cultures with each other as well as with our non-muslim neighbors. Please fill out the form below to make this year's festival better than ever, inshaAllah.

*Note: if you are a vendor and would like to reserve a table to sell your goods, please enter "VENDOR" for country in the form below. Vendor fees apply. One 8 ft table will cost $50 to reserve. If you participate in the canned food drive by bringing one non-perishable canned food, you will receive a $25 discount on your vendor fee.

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