KUUMBA KAMP is a youth based arts camp that provides youth with the opportunity to learn about the traditions of West African arts and culture. This Camp is located in Knoxville Tennessee. KUUMBA KAMP is available for youth 5-18 years of age. Camp participants are exposed to healthy forms of eating and endurance training which helps fight any early signs or current obesity. The KUUMBA KAMP experience leaves youth with a boost of self-discipline, pride, & self-esteem. Youth will also have the opportunity to perform during the Twenty-Fifth (25th) Anniversary KUUMBA FESTIVAL, with events happening throughout Knoxville, Tennessee. This year’s KUUMBA KAMP will feature workshops aimed to provide creative ways to develop the model performer through goal setting and boosting nutrution awareness. Participants will engage in creative lesson plans to enhance their Performance Skills. There will be workshops for jewelry and masquerade building, Guest Artist(s) trained in West African drum & dance, and plenty of fun & enrichment. Weight Loss and Goal-setting enrichment along with healthy snacks and plenty of fluids will be provided daily. Camp participants can bring a healthy snack daily. Kuumba Kamp will be held tentatively May 27th thru June 17th and culminates with a Graduation Rites of Passage program at Haley Heritage Square and performances during the Kuumba Festival. TIME: 8:00AM—3:00PM Camp Tuition: $60.00 per child Some income-based tuition scholarships will be available Make all payments payable to:  African American Appalachian Arts, Inc. No Personal Checks will be accepted Mail Fee to: African American Appalachian Arts, Inc. P.O. Box 6774 Knoxville, TN  37914 For more info contact us at 865-217-6786 Healthy snacks include foods such as fresh or dried (raisins & trail-mixes) fruits & vegetables, granola, baked foods, and other foods with low sugar content. Encourage your child/children to drink plenty of water and healthy foods during the entire camp. Eating healthy will give your child or children the needed energy to perform at their optimal and greatest levels. Fast Food lunches are not allowed during Camp. Deli/Cold Cut sandwiches and Salads are better alternatives. **We have staff trained and certified in CPR/First Aid on site. RULES & REGULATIONS Dress attire is very important. We are asking for that young ladies and young men wear clothes that are comfortable due to the summer weather. NO Sagging pants, short skirts, or any other revealing attire. KWUYI promotes respect and discipline. No SHOES, Food, Gum, or Drink in Dance Studio(s). Dancers are to wear dance attire and/or workout attire throughout the entire camp. Leotards, biker shorts, Sports Bra, exercise wear are required. Also dancers need fabric from 2-3 yards to wrap around waist. Tank tops or T-Shirts are acceptable over exercise wear. Drummers are to wear comfortable pants and shirts. NO JEANS are allowed during class or rehearsals. We will also have camp days that we will exercise outside and both drummers and dancers must have running shoes. If camp participants in any way begins to feel sick/hurt they must immediately inform instructors or youth leaders. There will be no fighting, arguing or any profanity during the duration of the camp. Warnings will be given and parents will be notified when behavioral issues arise. If issues cannot be settled, the participant will not be allowed to return to camp. All equipment and supplies remain at campsite and with youth leaders. Camp participants should not bring any valuables, personal items, nor weapons that will distract, harm or may be at the risk of being misplaced, stolen, etc.. No person who is not registered to attend Kuumba Kamp or whom is convicted of any charged misdemeanor concering custody issues or any other cases which prohibits an individual(s) to be around children will be allowed on Knox County School property during the Kuumba Kamp program. Camp participants are not allowed to leave campsite without being checked out by their registered parent/guardian.
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